The Forum

(Image courtesy artist Nandini Valli Muthiah, from the series Definitive Reincarnate, 2003)!

(Image courtesy artist Nandini Valli Muthiah, from the series Definitive Reincarnate, 2003)!

The history of photography in India goes back to the mid 1850s, it began soon after the invention of photography in Europe. In other words photography in India is as old as photography in the western world, however its never been understood as a art discourse, as it has in recent years.

Due to lack of dialogue around photography in general it became more of a commercial exercise than art. In December 2012, I was brought into a conversation initiated by photographer Saadiya Kochar to set up a forum for contemporary photography. After almost two years of maneuvering on various ideas and issues related to organising the forum in 2014 we are ready to start, at last.

This forum will be a mixture of activities from a platform for change to critical art theories. A photography website used as a journalistic tool to record issues that are unresolved. Articles written on current practices of photography, reviewing exhibitions and studying the bodies of works by contemporary artists in India and the world. However, at this stage we are living spaces to develop the whole process organically through conversations and interventions- Charan Singh, London (Guest Blogger and Co-founder).







Focus Festival is calling for entries. The theme for this year is ‘Cultural Crossover’. The Deadline is 15th December 2014.

Check out, Vani Subramanian’s show- Opa|city at Studio-x in Bombay, from the 5th-22nd of November.

‘Visual Archives of Kulwant Roy’ opens at the NGMA in Bangalore on the 10th of October.

‘Home and Away’, curated by Sunil Gupta at the Vadehra Art Gallery from Sep 13th till October 20th.

Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication’s, 7th Annual Photography Exhibition 10-14th Oct.


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